MC.30: Amazon's Bold AI Moves

Discover Amazon's Olympus, the new AI contender, their colossal $150 billion investment in data centers, and a staggering $2.75 billion bet on Anthropic.

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In this issue:

🌐 Amazon: Olympus Aiming to Outdo Anthropic and OpenAI
💰 Amazon: $150 Billion on Data Centers for AI
🚀 Amazon: A $2.75 Billion Move on Anthropic
🤖 Napkin Math: What Are AI Agents—And Who Profits From Them?
🎙️ Hume: Empathic Voice Interface
🔧 GPT LLM Trainer: Experimental pipeline to finetune LLMs
🧠 Dan Shipper: Simulating Decision-making

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Amazon: Olympus Aiming to Outdo Anthropic and OpenAI 
Amazon is not just investing in AI; they're also building their own. Their upcoming AI model, Olympus, is set to rival Anthropic's Claude model. With ambitions this high, Amazon's push into AI is something I'm watching closely. How will OpenAI respond to this challenge? MORE

Amazon: $150 Billion on Data Centers for AI 
A massive investment over the next 15 years. It's a reminder that, despite seeming a bit out of the spotlight compared to Microsoft in the AI race, Amazon is making significant bets on the future of technology. MORE

Amazon: A $2.75 Billion Move on Anthropic 
They invested a whopping $2.75 billion in Anthropic, their biggest investment ever. Another strong signal about how important AI is in their strategy. I don't know why I had the feeling that Amazon was not following the trend; they are clearly committed. MORE

Napkin Math: What Are AI Agents—And Who Profits From Them? 
A depth article about agents and the race at play to win a market in billions. They fit the players in two categories: Model-first startups like OpenAI and Workflow application linke Lindy. The first category bets that owning the models is a predicate to win, the second category bets that UI and other components are the most important, smart models will become a commodity. MORE

Hume: Empathic Voice Interface They recently got $50M in funding and is launching an exciting feature: an Empathic Voice Interface. This isn't a typical chatbot. It knows when you're done speaking and replies in a way that aims to boost your mood. The technology, called an empathic large language model (eLLM), could transform our interactions with machines. Excited to see what happens next. MORE

GPT LLM Trainer: Experimental pipeline to finetune LLMs 
A cool project that builds a dataset from the ground up to improve a model. I think for easy jobs, it can succeed if you combine a small, high-quality dataset with this created one. MORE

Dan Shipper: Simulating Decision-making 
Can an AI simulate decisions as you would? Dan tried and the results are unexpected: by analyzing his tweets, GPT-4 managed to outperform both his girlfriend and his mom in a personality test designed for him. It's a reminder of how large language models can become personal coaches, making the case for more personal data capture. MORE

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