Our vision for everyday AI

In this post, I share my vision for AI in our daily tasks. I'll cover my expectations, key priorities, and why I believe we're on the brink of something special.

AI should blend in the background

With AI being a hot topic, there's a lot of noise about its adoption. Investors are keen on backing the latest tech. However, true innovation lies in AI's ability to integrate seamlessly into our lives, becoming almost invisible and requiring little effort to use.

AI is popping up everywhere - in emails, productivity tools, and even writing apps. But its presence often feels forced, complicating interfaces that weren't designed for it. Ideally, AI should enhance our experience consistently across all platforms without us having to adjust to each new feature.

Ideally you should get the same level of experience everywhere.

Conversational AI isn’t always the answer

While chatting with AI might seem intuitive, it often falls short when it comes to efficiency. Engaging in lengthy conversations to achieve simple tasks can be frustrating and unproductive.

Despite the widespread availability of tools like ChatGPT, many struggle to use them effectively. While conversational AI can be great for brainstorming, it's less effective for direct tasks.

Most actions, like summarizing text, correcting grammar or generating a draft document, should not require a conversation.

The Challenge of multiple AI tools

For those looking to integrate AI into their workflow, the abundance of specialized tools can be overwhelming. Juggling different apps for different tasks leads to inefficiency and frustration.

The ideal scenario involves a unified AI that understands the context of our work across platforms, eliminating the need for constant switching and manual integration.

What we need is a central hub that connects our digital workspace with AI.

Imagine an AI that operates across your entire digital environment, making the use of specialized tools unnecessary.

Introducing Alter

We call our solution Alter, reflecting its ability to transform texts, documents, and images into new creations. Alter bridges the gap between different digital formats, simplifying the process of modifying, merging, or separating them.

Our goal is to make AI accessible to everyone, enhancing your capabilities without replacing your role. With Alter, using AI is as simple as driving a car without understanding the mechanics.

Envision effortlessly modifying content, overcoming language barriers, and streamlining content creation. This is not a future concept; it's a reality with Alter. Alter is more than just a tool; it's a new way of working on Apple, designed to be intuitive and empowering.

Welcome to Alter.

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