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MC 31: What Just Happened, What Is Happening Next

Looking into what's next for AI, including Gemini 1.5's innovative updates, GPT-4 Turbo's improvements, the threat of losing knowledge, and how AI could lead to a major economic growth.

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Hey everyone,

I finished the book “Co-intelligence: Living and Working With AI” by Ethan Mollick. It’s a great read, to the point that I wanted to share his principles and make it accessible to as many people as possible.

So I created 200+ co-intelligences for work, it’s free and ready to be used with your ChatGPT access.

Click the link below for your access, make sure you are logged in on the website as it’s restricted to Modern Chaos subscribers.

About the poll last week, I didn’t have a lot of answers but still, 60% are willing to start a Discord group. We’ll see how we grow and run another poll to make sure to launch a community with enough active people for it to be interesting.



PS: We shipped a lot last week for Alter; check our changelog.

In this issue:

🔮 Ethan Mollick: What Just Happened, What Is Happening Next
🎧 Gemini 1.5 Pro: Now Smarter with Built-in Audio Support
🤖 OpenAI: GPT-4 Turbo Update
🌀 Mistral: Say hello to Mixtral 8x22b
📚 Paper: AI and the Problem of Knowledge Collapse
💰 VOX: AI’s Potential Economic Boom
🏦 The New York Times: AI Reshaping Wall Street Careers
📸 Photobucket: Unexpected Value
🔍 Perplexity AI: Native Ads in Search Queries
🎥 Google Vids: AI-Powered Storytelling for Work
🔎 Tavily: Search API for LLMs
💡 Microsoft: "Copilot for every person"
🇰🇷 South Korea: $7 Billion AI Chip Investment

My latest work

Updates & tools

Ethan Mollick: What Just Happened, What Is Happening Next
AI is at a crossroads, ready to either level off or make a big jump, affecting everything from how companies work to crime. The launch of Gemini 1.5 pro shows people still believe in AI's ability to change things, even though it's not perfect yet. It's an exciting, though slightly scary, time to be working with AI. MORE

Gemini 1.5 Pro: Now Smarter with Built-in Audio Support
Google just rolled out Gemini 1.5 Pro worldwide, now with built-in audio understanding. It brings new features like system instructions and JSON mode, giving developers more control than ever. Plus, its latest text embedding model is raising the bar for performance. If you're finding it tricky to get started, I recommend trying it out in the Vertex AI playground using a GCP account. MORE

OpenAI: GPT-4 Turbo Update
OpenAI has launched GPT-4 Turbo with Vision for everyone, adding JSON mode and new functions to the API, likely in response to Gemini 1.5 Pro release. Developers are excited about its better logic and math abilities. It's a small change that makes a big difference. MORE

Mistral: Say hello to Mixtral 8x22b
Mistral AI just rolled out a fresh experts mix model, shared through a magnet link on Twitter. It's amusing to see this clever trick catch on every time. The 8x22b model is all set for quick updates and improvements. MORE

Paper: AI and the Problem of Knowledge Collapse
A new study shows a risk of losing unique ideas because AI often creates similar content. This could make our knowledge and creativity less varied. The study points out that using AI too much for learning might make us think in a more limited way. We need to be smart about getting and growing different kinds of knowledge. MORE

VOX: AI’s Potential Economic Boom
Economists expect the economy to grow faster than ever because of AI. This is because AI can do research by itself and make investments more profitable. This big change could make us think differently about how we work and invest money. But, we're not sure how politics and society might slow down or change this growth. MORE

The New York Times: AI Reshaping Wall Street Careers
Goldman Sachs and other major banks are pioneering AI tools that transform vast amounts of data into polished, firm-branded documents in seconds. This shift suggests a future where entry-level finance roles drastically change, if not disappear. What does this mean for the next generation's career planning? MORE

Photobucket: Unexpected Value
Photobucket could get a fresh start by letting companies use its huge collection of 13 billion photos and videos to teach AI models. Prices might vary from 5 cents to more than a dollar for each photo or video, according to CEO Ted Leonard. This opens up an interesting idea: what if you could sell your digital memories? MORE

Perplexity AI: Native Ads in Search Queries
Perplexity might place ads in the related questions they suggest to users, which constitute 40% of all the questions asked. Dmitry Shevelenko, their top business executive, shared this plan. It seems like their way to pay the bills since running an AI is costly, and people expect things for free. I'm curious to see how this will work out. MORE

Google Vids: AI-Powered Storytelling for Work
Google recently launched a new AI video-making tool aimed at making video creation easy for work. It works seamlessly with other Workspace apps and comes with cool features like automatic storyboard creation, access to stock videos, and ready-to-use voiceovers. It's perfect for anyone looking to share their ideas through video. MORE

Tavily: Search API for LLMs
Tavily is an API tailored for large language models and retrieval-augmented generation, promising quicker and more persistent results. With pricing competitive against major players like Bing, and only slightly more expensive than Google, it's a compelling option for developers. Definitely worth a look for anyone in the market for an efficient search solution. MORE

Microsoft: "Copilot for every person"
Remember Microsoft's old vision of a "PC in every home"? They're at it again, but this time with AI on Windows. They aim to have AI-capable chips in 50% of new Windows devices by 2026 and are gearing up to showcase new Windows on Arm devices this June. It's a bold move to outshine Apple's m3 chips. MORE

South Korea: $7 Billion AI Chip Investment
President Yoon Suk Yeol announced a $7 billion investment in AI to keep their edge in chip technology. Groq CEO Jonathan Ross thinks that compute is the new oil; he's not alone in thinking that. MORE

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