200+ co-intelligences for work (free)

A ChatGPT ready-to-use database of 200+ co-intelligences for work. Follow the principles of Ethan Mollick, try having AI as a collaborator.

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Experience the power of an 24/7 co-worker.

If you haven’t read the latest book “Co-Intelligence: Living and Working with AI” by Ethan Mollick, I urge you to add it to your book list. It’s a refreshing view on how we can play with AI today, with its limitations and wonders, to better understand what’s happening.

In "Co-Intelligence" Mollick encourages us to view AI as a collaborator—as a co-worker, co-teacher, and coach. He examines its significant influence on business and education through numerous real-world examples of AI in practice. "Co-Intelligence" illustrates the importance of collaborating with intelligent machines and emphasizes the necessity of acquiring this skill.

Mollick challenges us to leverage the vast potential of AI without compromising our identity, to learn from it without being deceived, and to use its capabilities to forge a better future for humanity.

This database is a collection of co-intelligences to help you get started, without the technical burden of prompt engineering:

  1. Read the guidelines and tips

  2. Search by profession or by summary

  3. Copy the prompt in ChatGPT

  4. Learn to know you co-intelligence and how to create your own

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