Notes: ChatGPT keyboard shortcuts

Short cheatsheet for ChatGPT keyboard shortcuts.

It was only last week that I stumbled upon the keyboard shortcuts for ChatGPT. Although many of them seem less than essential, there is one that stands out for its immense utility: "Set Custom Instructions." This particular shortcut is noteworthy, as it allows you to tailor the system prompt directly, bypassing the need to navigate to the settings page.

The latest updates have bolstered the system prompt's functionality, making it an optimal method for providing ChatGPT with a set of initial instructions.

So, if you're to remember just one, let it be this.

# Mac
Cmd + Shift + I

# Windows
Ctrl + Shift + I

All ChatGPT Keyboard Shortcuts

Open New Chat:Ctrl + Shift + OCmd + Shift + O
Focus Chat Input:Shift + EscShift + Esc
Copy Last Code Block:Ctrl + Shift + ;Cmd + Shift + ;
Copy Last Response:Ctrl + Shift + CCmd + Shift + C
Set Custom Instructions:Ctrl + Shift + ICmd + Shift + I
Toggle Sidebar:Ctrl + Shift + SCmd + Shift + S
Delete Chat:Ctrl + Shift + BackspaceCmd + Shift + Backspace
Show All Shortcuts:Ctrl + /Cmd + /


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