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Forgot something important last week (3 days left)


I left out something crucial last week: everyone who participates in our poll unlocks free early access to our macOS app.

In case you missed it, we're working on an app that brings AI capabilities to all your apps. Imagine Copilot 365, but designed for Apple, without the endless back-and-forth chats.

Below a 1-click poll to discover which AI features you'd value most. Think 10/10 important, 1/10 satisfied with what you have at the moment when answering.

What would make your work easier?

Login or Subscribe to participate in polls.

You can share the poll with your Apple friends but please, avoid social medias. Me and the team would like to keep it small and within our community.

Deadline Alert: The vote ends by Thursday, make sure to answer by then to influence our next step and secure your access.

Excited to see what you choose, results will be shared in the next newsletter!

Have a great week,


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