MC.38: AI Escaping the Browser

This week, Microsoft's Copilot+ PCs face critics, Google's Chromebooks add AI summaries, Why OpenAI has launched a macOS desktop app.

Hello everyone,

Microsoft is moving fast again with their Copilot+ PCs and their AI-powered copy and paste.

They face many critics for their Recall feature, recording everything you do on your computer.

My opinion: people will adopt it anyway.

We already gave up a lot of our privacy: our photos are stored on the cloud, and billions of people are still on Facebook and Instagram.

Influencers and infopreneurs will surf the wave and sell trainings on how to use these tools to become a 10x person, and in 2 years, every operating system will have something similar.

Google is also following with its Chromebooks adding webpage and document summaries; a trend is growing: next-level AI will work at the OS level.

This explains why OpenAI has launched its desktop app for macOS: to compete you need to escape the browser.

With my team, we share this vision: an AI assistant will be more useful if it has the context you have for completing a task. There’s no other way than being connected to your operating system and the apps running.

I’m happy to say: we’re on it!

It’s called Alter, it’s exclusively developed for macOS and now out of private beta. Skip copy/paste, lengthy explanations, and context-switching:

  • AppSense: a unique embedded feature that pulls the necessary context from macOS apps

  • 60+ AI actions with special features for Apple Mail, Keynote, Finder

  • Free with 100 GPT-4o messages included, Full-privacy with Ollama

This is the first step to an agentic system that can work with all your macOS apps, including browsers.



In this issue:

💻 Microsoft: Introducing Copilot+ PCs
🔗 Microsoft: Windows Now Has AI-Powered Copy and Paste
📖 Google: AI-Powered Features to Chromebook
🏆 Google: Gemini 1.5 Pro ranks #2 on the LMSYS leaderboard
🏭 Elon Musk: Building a Gigafactory of Compute
💸 xAI: $6 Billion Funding Boost
🍏 Apple: Project Greymatter
🎓 Techcrunch: 5 out of 20 US Education Apps are AI
📉 Google: The Traffic Impact of AI Overviews
🇨🇳 China: $47B Semiconductor Big Fund III
📈 Nvidia: Q1 Revenue Up 262% to $26.0B, Beating Estimates
🛡️ OpenAI: new safety committee and hints at new models
🗣️ Helen Toner: former OpenAI board member, is speaking out
👥 Anthropic: Jan Leike joins to lead a new AI safety team


Microsoft: Introducing Copilot+ PCs
Copilot+ PCs feature powerful processors and advanced AI models, enabling new experiences directly on the device without latency or privacy concerns. I always thought Apple would lead this charge, but Microsoft is proving me wrong. MORE

Microsoft: Windows Now Has AI-Powered Copy and Paste
Microsoft's new Advanced Paste in PowerToys for Windows 11 uses AI to transform clipboard content instantly. It’s thrilling to see these features, similar to what we built with Alter, becoming mainstream and changing workflows. MORE

Google: AI-Powered Features to Chromebook
Chromebooks are now getting AI-powered reading summaries and interactive document features. Our product Alter is the counterpart for macOS and it really boost productivity. It's exciting to see this becoming standard across platforms. MORE

Google: Gemini 1.5 Pro ranks #2 on the LMSYS leaderboard 
Gemini 1.5 Pro has reached #2 on the LMSYS leaderboard with 1268 Elo, just behind OpenAI’s GPT-4o. Google's new models are catching up fast. MORE

Elon Musk: Building a Gigafactory of Compute 
Elon Musk's xAI is set to build an AI supercomputer, connecting 100,000 of Nvidia's H100 GPUs. It’s 3x less than META and their 350,000 H100s. MORE

xAI: $6 Billion Funding Boost 
Elon Musk's xAI has secured $6 billion in funding, valuing the company at $24 billion. The funds will accelerate the development of advanced AI models like Grok 1.5. MORE

Apple: Project Greymatter 
Apple's AI is embedding small AI features on apps like Safari, Notes and Photos under "Project Greymatter." They focus on enhancing existing workflows with on-device processing. MORE

Techcrunch: 5 out of 20 US Education Apps are AI 
AI is revolutionizing education in the US, with 5 out of the top 20 apps using AI to help with homework. This trend highlights the growing influence of AI in education. MORE

Google: The Traffic Impact of AI Overviews 
Websites see 8.9% fewer clicks when AI Overviews are present, significantly impacting traffic. Edge cases are backfiring at Google, but rolling back the feature seems unlikely with the incoming competition. MORE

China: $47B Semiconductor Big Fund III 
China has launched a $47 billion fund to boost its semiconductor industry, aiming for chip sovereignty. This massive investment highlights the importance of self-reliance in tech and surpasses the size of previous Big Funds combined. MORE

Nvidia: Q1 Revenue Up 262% to $26.0B, Beating Estimates
Nvidia's revenue for Q1 of fiscal 2025 jumped 262%, hitting $26.0 billion, far beyond market expectations. Their net income and EPS also saw massive growth, and with their upcoming cloud offerings and robotics investments, this might just be the beginning. MORE

OpenAI: new safety committee and hints at new models 
OpenAI is setting up a new safety committee led by Sam Altman, Bret Taylor, and other board members. This comes as they start training their next frontier AI model, which is another step to AGI. MORE

Helen Toner: former OpenAI board member, is speaking out 
Helen Toner claims the board wasn't informed about ChatGPT by Sam Altman but instead found out through Twitter. She accuses Altman of "outright lying" and keeping the board in the dark about OpenAI's projects and safety efforts. MORE

Anthropic: Jan Leike joins to lead a new AI safety team
Anthropic hired Jan Leike, a former OpenAI safety lead, to head a new team focusing on AI safety and security. Safety is a strong topic at the moment, and OpenAI is losing it. This hire signals Anthropic's position as a leader in safety and AI alignment. MORE

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