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  • MC.27: Extropic's New AI Chips Without Transistors & Covariant's Big Robot Advance with RFM-1

MC.27: Extropic's New AI Chips Without Transistors & Covariant's Big Robot Advance with RFM-1

Dive into Extropic's new AI tech, see how Covariant's RFM-1 is changing the game, discover Deepgram's Aura's cool features, learn about Tavus's videos that look like a person made them, and check out Meta's huge GenAI setup.

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modern chaos issue 27

Modern chaos is a newsletter exploring tech and AI through the journey of a dev agency turning into a startup studio. We share our notes, analysis, and experiments.

Hi everyone,

We're creating a new app for macOS that makes all your apps smarter, including web browsers. Imagine something like Copilot 365, but designed for Apple users, without getting stuck in back-and-forth chats.

Right now, we're figuring out what features to add first to make it really useful for you. If you're someone who uses their Mac a lot, what would make your day-to-day work easier?

I'm looking for things that you really need but aren't happy with right now.

What would make your work easier?

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I will share the poll results in the newsletter next week and I hope to share the first demos by the end of March!


In this issue:

🗣️ Deepgram Aura: Next-Gen Text-to-Speech
🎥 Tavus: Human-like Videos from Text
🔬 Extropic: AI Chips Without Transistors
🌐 META: Building a Massive GenAI Infrastructure
👤 Midjourney: Consistent Characters for AI-generated Images
📊 RepoToTextForLLMs: A New Tool for Analyzing GitHub Repositories
💻 GitHub: Programming LLM Outputs
🤖 Semiform: Replacing Forms with AI agents
🦾 Covariant: Bringing Hands to AI Chatbots with RFM-1
💕 The Verge: AI's New Role in Dating
👨‍Devin: World’s First Fully Autonomous AI Software Engineer

AI-Powered Creativity

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Updates & tools

Deepgram Aura: Next-Gen Text-to-Speech 
Deepgram just rolled out Aura, a lightning-fast text-to-speech model. It's fascinating how they've managed to create voices that sound so human and work so quickly, making real-time conversational AI more accessible. Check their tech demo and make sure to use your microphone. Also they give $200 in credits to start hacking a project. MORE

Tavus: Human-like Videos from Text 
Create videos with AI avatars or replica of yourself just from text. What's different about this tool is that they provide an API so it's ready to be embedded in other systems. MORE

Extropic: AI Chips Without Transistors 
With Moore's law approaching its physical limits, the future needs a new kind of technology to power the world's AI ambitions. This new company could be an answer and an alternative to building nuclear-powered data centers. MORE

META: Building a Massive GenAI Infrastructure 
Mark Zuckerberg's Meta is not just talking about AI; they're building its future with a massive investment in infrastructure, including two 24k GPU clusters and a roadmap featuring 350,000 NVIDIA H100 GPUs. The openness about their hardware and software, including the development of Llama 3, is a refreshing approach in the tech world. It’s a bold move designed to attract the best talent by showcasing Meta's capacity for groundbreaking research. MORE

Midjourney: Consistent Characters for AI-generated Images 
Midjourney has just rolled out what many of us have been waiting for – the ability to generate characters that look the same across different images. This breakthrough tackles a big challenge and opens up new possibilities for creators. MORE

RepoToTextForLLMs: A New Tool for Analyzing GitHub Repositories 
Imagine making your GitHub repository as understandable to your LLM as it is to you. RepoToTextForLLMs is here to bridge that gap, providing a structured way for LLMs to digest and analyze our code. A tool to try for anyone looking to integrate their codebase more deeply with AI tools. MORE

GitHub: Programming LLM Outputs 
Microsoft's latest endeavor, the Artificial Intelligence Controller Interface (AICI), introduces programming capabilities to guide and refine the outputs of Large Language Models in real-time. As a developer myself, it looks super promising. MORE

Semiform: Replacing Forms with AI agents 
Semiform proposes an innovative solution to replace traditional online forms with AI agents, aiming for a more natural interaction through typed responses. While the idea sounds promising, I'm curious to see if it can truly outpace the immediacy and efficiency of well-designed forms. MORE

Covariant: Bringing Hands to AI Chatbots with RFM-1 
The venture into robotics takes a significant leap forward with the introduction of RFM-1 by Covariant. This Robot Foundation Model not only absorbs vast amounts of text but also learns from video and physical motion data, hinting at a future where AI not only converses but also acts in the physical world. MORE

The Verge: AI's New Role in Dating 
The intersection of AI and dating apps unveils intriguing trends, with services like Tinder utilizing generative AI for profile optimization and startups like Volar experimenting with AI chatbots to screen potential matches. This blend of technology and human interaction opens up fascinating discussions on the future of relationships and intimacy. MORE

Devin: World’s First Fully Autonomous AI Software Engineer 
Devin represents a leap in AI development, capable of planning and executing complex tasks with a nuanced understanding of context, learning, and error correction. The idea of augmenting engineering teams with an AI like Devin is fascinating, though I wonder how its contributions will integrate with human-driven quality assurance processes. I'm on the waitlist to try it out! MORE

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