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MC.25: What's the future in a sea of AI-generated content?

A deep dive into AI's role in creating content, Google and Reddit's $60 million deal, Stable Diffusion 3, Gemini's superior handling of contexts, and Nvidia's AI chip market dominance.

modern chaos issue 25

Modern chaos is a newsletter exploring tech and AI through the journey of a dev agency turning into a startup studio. We share our notes, analysis, and experiments.

Hello everyone,

Picture this: you find a website full of articles on something you love. You're excited. But as you read, something's not right. The articles have no heart. Your excitement turns to disappointment as you realize you've found a sea of AI-made content.

This isn't something that might happen; it's happening now. Services like Heeps.ai can pump out thousands of articles from just titles. These articles are made to rank well on search engines, not by people, but by smart algorithms. It's a big shift in how we make content, but it makes you wonder: what are we losing in our quest for productivity?

Using AI to help with content isn't bad. Many of us use it to check our work or make our writing better. It's a tool that can boost our creativity and speed. But there's a big difference between using AI to help and depending on it to churn out lots of content.

The idea of making thousands of articles with a click is tempting. For businesses and creators, it means they can be everywhere online. But at what cost? If the internet gets flooded with AI-made articles, we risk losing real insight and human connection. It could even defeat the purpose of search engines as we know them.

With so much AI-made content, we might see more community-based ways of finding content. Newsletters, chat groups, and social platforms that focus on real people and creativity could lead us through the cluttered internet.

These places offer what algorithms can't: real human connection, the joy of finding content that speaks to us personally, and knowing that behind every piece of content is a person sharing their view. I'm eager to see these places come to life as the scale of content spam becomes infinite.

But As we face this change, we must remember what makes content valuable: its power to connect, inspire, and inform through human stories. It's what matter more than ever, as the deal between Google and Reddit for $60 million per year proves.

The future of the web isn't just about how we make content, but why we make it. Let's make it meaningful by supporting the platforms and creators that favor humanity.


In this issue:

🎨 Stable Diffusion 3: A Leap Forward in Text-to-Image Models
🥊 Gemini 1.5 vs GPT-4: A Battle of Giant Contexts
📹 Gemini's Screen Capture Capabilities: Next Level AI
🔌 Wired: Nvidia's Dominance in the AI Chip Market
🏁 VentureBeat: Groq CEO Challenges Nvidia
🤖 NVIDIA's GEAR: The Future of Autonomous Machines
⚡ AI Breakthrough: Boundless Clean Fusion Energy
🔓 Archive Buttons: A Tool to Bypass Paywalls

Updates & tools

Stable Diffusion 3: A Leap Forward in Text-to-Image Models 
Stability AI recently introduced an early preview of their latest text-to-image model, Stable Diffusion 3. It boasts better performance in multi-subject prompts, higher image quality, and superior spelling abilities. I am keen on replacing Dalle with this new model for creating the newsletter illustration. Can't wait to see the final release. MORE

Gemini 1.5 vs GPT-4: A Battle of Giant Contexts 
A Reddit user put Gemini 1.5 to the test against GPT-4 using a complex codebase, and the results were impressive! While GPT-4 struggled, Gemini 1.5 showcased its ability to handle giant contexts, make long-range connections and perform limited reasoning. This is a clear sign Google is not falling behind OpenAI in the AI race. MORE

Gemini's Screen Capture Capabilities: Next Level AI 
Paige Bailey was left astounded by Gemini's video capabilities. She recorded a task (looking for an apartment on Zillow), and Gemini was able to generate Selenium code to replicate the task, describing every step along the way. The ability of Gemini to understand and replicate complex tasks captured on video is another strong signal that Gemini 2 could be the first model to beat GPT-4 on all baselines. MORE

Wired: Nvidia's Dominance in the AI Chip Market 
Nvidia is accounting for more than 70% of AI chip market sales. This tech titan is now approaching a $2 trillion valuation. CEO Jensen Huang reveals exciting plans for the future. From building AI factories to the anticipated breakthrough in foundational robotics, there's a lot to look forward to. MORE

VentureBeat: Groq CEO Challenges Nvidia 
The race for AI chip supremacy is heating up. Groq's CEO is confident that speedy LPUs will be the choice for most startups by the end of 2024. Their capacity is expected to reach 25 million tokens a second, matching OpenAI's 2023 estimated capacity. The company is also partnering with countries to deploy hardware that could further increase that number. MORE

NVIDIA's GEAR: The Future of Autonomous Machines 
Jim Fan, co-founder of a new research group "GEAR" at NVIDIA, envisions a future where every machine that moves will be autonomous, and robots and simulated agents will be as ubiquitous as iPhones. Considering NVIDIA's knack for spotting and investing in the right tech trends, this signals a significant shift towards robotics and agents. MORE

AI Breakthrough: Towards Clean Fusion Energy 
Researchers from Princeton University made an AI model that helps manage the tricky task of maintaining fusion reactions. This AI model can predict and prevent plasma instabilities in fusion reactors, thus preventing potential catastrophes. The ability to predict these instabilities just 300 milliseconds before they happen could be the key to unlocking boundless clean energy from fusion. MORE

Archive Buttons: A Tool to Bypass Paywalls 
Can't subscribe to all top news sites? Archive Buttons allows you to enter the URL of an article and remove any paywall. This free tool gives you access to quality content that might otherwise be locked behind a paywall. MORE

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