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MC.16: Ben Evans' AI Insights and the $112M Mistral Deck Revealed

This week, explore the future of AI with Ben Evans' insights and Mistral's groundbreaking deck, plus learn about the prompt scale level technique and Microsoft's LLMLingua research.

modern chaos issue 16

Modern chaos is a newsletter exploring tech and AI through the journey of a dev agency shifting from services to product design. We share our notes, analysis and experiments.

Hey everyone,

What began as an internal curated news feed is now a newsletter read by more than 600 people each week. Thank you, everyone!

My main objective was to transform my personal notes into something valuable for both myself and others, and I feel I've achieved this goal.

Looking ahead to 2024, I aim to write long-form content and make more tech experiments. My hope is to produce at least one each month in the spirit of what I’ve shared on Reddit.

Happy holidays!

In this issue:

🧠 Ben Evans: AI and Everything Else
🎙 Podcast: Key Takeaways from Ben Evans' Presentation
💰 Mistral: The $112 Million Seed Deck
📏 On a Scale from 1 to 10...
🚀 LLMLingua: Compress Your Prompts Up to 20x
📺 Channel1: A News AI-Generated TV Channel Launching in the US
🎨 PlaygroundAI: AI-Powered Image Editor

Tech updates & tools

Ben Evans: AI, and everything else
His annual presentation, eagerly awaited by the entire tech industry, this year focuses on AI in a concise 25-minutes keynote. Slides in the link. If you only click one link in the newsletter, make it this one. MORE | KEYNOTE

Podcast: Key Takeways from Ben Evans Presentation
Dive deeper into the presentation with this podcast, where Ben Evans shares his thoughts on the talk he gave. MORE

Mistral: The $112 Million Seed Deck
The deck is available online and is no ordinary presentation. The document is a treasure trove, providing insights into Mistral's future plans. Until now, I didn't understand why they were able to raise so much money. Now I get it. DECK

On a Scale from 1 to 10…
A simple yet effective prompting technique to adjust the output of ChatGPT. Moritz Kremb asks GPT to rate the content on a scale you define, like 1 for super casual, 10 for corporate speak. Then you ask for a rewrite, adjusting your content to the level you’re looking for. TWITTER

LLMLingua: Compress Your Prompts Up to 20x
Intriguing research by Microsoft. It reduces both prompt and generation lengths while improving long context performance. Inference cost should drop again, great news! MORE

Channel1: A News AI-Generated TV Channel Launching in the US
Already a reality in China, it was only a matter of time before it appeared in other places of the world. The generated avatars feel uncanny. They’ve considered warning the audience every time a generated segment is shown. It’s still not as good as current news channel, but I think It will improve quickly. MORE 

PlaygroundAI: AI Powered Image Editor
The market is getting crowded with many services looking to replace traditional image editors. I’m unsure about their ability to generate revenue when a giant like Adobe is moving so quickly. Free plan with 500 images per day. It’s worth a try for their in-painting feature. MORE

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